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IoT Strategies Summit

  • How Can Retailers and Manufacturers Work Together Better to Focus on the Mass Market
  • Understanding and Analysing IoT Trends
  • How is Technology Disrupting Life and Industry: Shaping the Smart Society
  • Driving Smart Life and Industry - Key Components for IoT Traction and Success
  • Connectivity for Future Smart City Applications
  • The Opportunities with Data Arising from Industrial Internet
  • Leveraging IoT Across Life and Industry
  • The Power of Machine Learning to Increase Comfort and Cost-Savings in the Home
  • Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Connected Solutions
  • Developing Open Shared Standards
  • The World of IoT Five Years From Now
Smart Home Summit

  • How Can Retailers and Manufacturers Work Together Better to Focus on the Mass Market
  • Product or App – Which Determines the User Experience?
  • Addressing Smart Home Security Concerns
  • Smart Home Monetization
  • Security, Health, Cost-Saving, Entertainment – What will be the Key Trigger for Smart Home Growth?
  • Who Will Control the Smart Home?
  • Reaching the Mass Market - Getting Past the Early Adopters and Tech Crowd
  • Collaborating to Ensure Top Quality Products and Service
  • What Can Retailers Do to Enhance Smart Home Sales?
  • Selecting the Optimum Interface for Smart Home Control
  • Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Smart Home Solutions

Smart Cities Summit

  • Data: Maximising Big Data in the Smart City
  • Developing the Technology for Smarter Cities
  • Security and Privacy in the Smart City
  • Managing the Transition to the Smart City
  • Developing the Vision for the Smart City
  • How to Make a City Smart, Not Just Connected
  • Smart Citizens for a Smart City
  • Achieving Citizen Involvement and Buy-in
  • Building an Ecosystem of Partners for Strong Smart City Growth
  • Smart Energy in the Smart City
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Intelligent Traffic Solutions
Industrial Internet Summit

  • The Impact of IoT on the Innovation Potential of Established Industries
  • Changing Old-School Industries to New Service Industries
  • Connectivity and Interoperability
  • Data - Are Organisations Handling and Analysing Data Effectively?
  • Collaboration and Partnership to Transform Lives and Economies
  • Where Can Money be Made from the Industry of Things?
  • Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie?
  • Building a Comprehensive Ecoystem for Industrial Internet
  • Transforming the Business Model with IIOT
  • Intelligent Production for Reduced Costs and Enhanced Quality
  • Revolutionising Customer Relationships
  • Advancing the Technology to Drive Industrial Internet Opportunities