Markus Schlaepfer

Markus Schlaepfer

Principal Investigator - Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH Centre

Markus Schläpfer leads the Urban Complexity group within the Future Cities Laboratory at the Singapore-ETH Centre. He is also a Visiting Researcher at the Santa Fe Institute (USA) and a Research Affiliate at MIT's Senseable City Lab (USA). He received his PhD in 2010 from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) at the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, and conducted postdoctoral fellowships at both the Santa Fe Institute and at MIT. 

His main research interests are predictive models for the organization of cities and the performance of urban infrastructures. He grounds his research on the increasing availability of 'big data' on human activities and applies methods from complexity science to gain a comprehensive view of the urban dynamics. 

His work has been featured worldwide, including the New York Times, Nature, The Atlantic, Quartz, MIT Technology Review, and Spiegel Online.