"Not all industries or business are embracing IoT as much as they can." - Amit Dhupka, Singapore Post Ltd Speaker Q&A

For over 150 years, Singapore Post (SingPost) as the country's postal service provider, has been delivering trusted and reliable services to homes and businesses in Singapore.

Today, SingPost is pioneering and leading in eCommerce logistics as well as providing innovative mail and logistics solutions in Singapore and around the world, with operations in 19 markets.

Amit, who will be on the ‘Getting Past the Hype – Where Can Money be made from the Industry of Things?’ panel on day two of the conference, took some time to answer our speaker Q&A:


What do you consider to be the key benefit of Industry of Things for businesses and customers?

The most significant benefit was to make the same device or sensor IP ready. By giving this device an IP address we added the connectivity to an old or existing analogue device.


Where can money be made from Industry of Things – is there real commercial potential?

Yes indeed, there are many avenues of monetizing efforts around IoT, improving customer service, increasing supply chain visibility are all cases which can help improve profitability.


Are businesses prepared to transform sufficiently to maximise the Industry of Things potential?

Not all industries or business are embracing IoT as much as they can. The reason for slow adoption is lack of relevant use cases and one unavailability of single solution or framework for that industry.


How can real-time data be used to maximise performance?

Real Time data clubbed with an ideal use case can help improve or enhance performance. The usage of such a data along with a business case can help improve business performance. There are umpteen examples wherein businesses have realised benefits of real time data.


Are companies making the most of predictive capabilities?

Companies are using predictive capabilities to either shorten times to react to a problem, anticipate a customer demand or relate to an unplanned business situation with a combination of predictive capabilities.


How well are companies making the transition from product to service oriented company?

Most successful companies believe they are in the business of customer experience (CX) rather than products or services. The prime reason for such belief is customers judge you even after consuming your product and have means to feedback either negatively or positively to the whole pre & post buying experience. Hence organisations are reinventing themselves to the new CX era.


Are concerns about cyber security delay IIoT growth?

Yes indeed security concerns around IoT need to be addressed as since the very disciple of IoT is evolving, security remains a key reason for concern as well as in some cases a deterrent for adoption.



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